Alltrans Has Gone Road Racing

mission apr 2016Oct 2016 one wet Saturdayleading the packIMG_0790This 1986 RX7 was purchased as a rolling road race chassis with a trailer load of parts and assembled over last Winter. After a 30 plus year absence from racing our Driver did need to be retrained, so our driver and the RX7 took to the track for a 2 day SCCA drivers training event in June at Missions Rivers Edge road race track and performed well. The RX7 and our driver did complete the novice season and we are looking forward to a full senior race season in 2015. We ran selective races in 2015 to sort the car for 2016 We finished 2nd in CACC and SCCBC with 2 wins the last race weekend of 2016. Starting 2017 off on the right foot with 3 wins the first race weekend. If you are interested in more information about Road racing check out