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Dependable Vehicle Maintenance Services in Abbotsford

At All Trans Transmission, our priority is to provide high-quality vehicle maintenance combined with friendly customer service. We offer unmatched industry knowledge and expertise, being in the business for over four decades. Our certified technicians use advanced technology to optimize your vehicle’s performance. So if you need reliable maintenance services for your vehicle in Abbotsford, we are here for you.

If you are facing any issues with your vehicle and the time for servicing has arrived, come to us. We can identify and resolve the problems with the help of our experienced technicians.

Why Is It Important to Get Your Vehicle Maintenance Done on Time? 

People often find it easy to go a few extra miles and put off a maintenance service until it's too late. But getting timely vehicle service can help you in the long run. By providing your vehicle with regular maintenance as per your manufacturer, you can decrease the chance of a worn-out part going unnoticed and failing.

While a vehicle repair can be expensive, regular service helps to mitigate the cost of potential repairs. Also, keeping your vehicle's service up to date can increase its lifespan. It will not only keep your car running smoothly but also offer safety on the road.

General Maintenance FAQs

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change Done on My Vehicle? 

You can check the owner's manual for recommended service intervals. It is advised not to exceed half the recommended interval if the vehicle is being used for towing.

Why Do My Brakes Squeak?

It means that your brake pads are worn. If you can feel metal-on-metal grinding, that means the brake pads are damaging the rotor.

How Can I Prepare My Vehicle for the Winter?

You can change your wiper blades to winter blades and check the battery. A brake inspection is an important factor to consider while preparing for winters.

Give Your Vehicle a Long Life

We will help you feel more confident on the road while also keeping your car running for a long time.

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