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Reliable Transmission Maintenance Services in Abbotsford

Want to know how you can keep your vehicle running for a long time? The answer is simple. Keeping your transmission in prime shape is the key to the smooth performance of your car. Transmission maintenance can sometimes be challenging because of the different factors that may affect its efficiency. You can trust All Trans Transmission for transmission maintenance in Abbotsford.

Transmission fluid is one of the significant components of the transmission structure, whether it be manual or automatic since it plays such a pivotal role in a car’s overall performance. It helps to facilitate the shifting of gears by acting as a lubricant that makes the switch convenient and smooth. So, it is the first thing to look for when experiencing transmission problems.

How Often Should You Change Transmission Fluids?

Most manufacturers recommend changing your transmission fluid every 48,000 - 96,000 Km, or once every 2-4 years on average, depending on your driving habits. 

Can Changing Your Transmission Fluid Be Bad?

If you want to maintain a well-functioning car, changing your transmission fluid becomes important. But there are instances where changing it might not be the best idea. Here are a few:

Overfilling your transmission with fluid will lead to problems in gear shifting

Not using the manufacturer's recommended type of fluid can cause transmission damage

Changing the transmission fluid helps in draining any harmful dirt that may accumulate, but not removing all the buildup may pose transmission problems later on

Save on Costly Repairs

With regular maintenance as recommended by your manufacturer.

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