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Get Driveline Repair and Maintenance Services in Abbotsford 

With proper maintenance, drivelines keep your car operating smoothly. Often, vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the differential fluid every 50,000 Km to 70,000 Km. We suggest even more frequently if the vehicle is used for towing or other heavy workloads. It is a multifaceted task and requires a licensed mechanic to dispose of the fluids properly, get new gaskets or seals and wipe down the parts inside the differential housing to avoid transferring contaminants from the old fluid to the new. Plus, the differential is underneath the vehicle, so it needs to be lifted on a hoist for straightforward access.

At All Trans Transmission, we have certified technicians to do the job for you. So you can rely on us for driveline repair and maintenance in Abbotsford. Call us today for more details.

Do You Have Four-wheel Drive?

Getting water in the front or rear differential and the transfer case is very common. You can save on hefty repairs by having them checked for contamination. Differentials and transfer case service packages using premium full synthetic fluids start at $299. 

Optimal Performance of Your Vehicle

Get your driveline maintained on time to keep your vehicle functioning smoothly.

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