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A Wide Selection of Wheels and Tires in Abbotsford

For more than 40 years, All Trans Transmission has been helping Abbotsford residents find the perfect wheels and tires. We stock a large variety of products to cater to your specific requirements and provide you with enough options. Our verified technicians can also fulfill all your servicing, repair and performance needs. Our transmission services extend much beyond just tires and wheels, which makes us a preferred choice for all vehicle components.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Our team is always here to help you with our services.

Road Force Balancers

The primary function of road force balancers is to measure the force variation and lateral run out of the whole wheel and tire assembly. It is often considered the most effective way to resolve run out of the tire and wheel or force variation vibrations. Road force balancing offers a quick/troubleshooting solution, so you don’t have to wait for hours in the shop.  

Why Is It Important to Get Your Tires Rotated? 

Getting your tires rotated regularly offers an opportunity to inspect them visually for any damage, check their air pressure, check their tread depth, and have them rebalanced if you notice any vibration.

Our Brands

We sell tires and wheels from several reputed brands. So you can count on us for high-quality products. 

Tire Brands That We Work With:

Wheel Brands That We Work With:

Your One-stop-shop

With a large variety of high-quality products, we can help you with your transmission component needs.

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