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Alltrans Has Gone Road Racing Alltrans Has Gone Road Racing

This 1986 RX7 was purchased as a rolling road race chassis with a trailer load of parts and assembled over last Winter. After a 30 plus year absence from racing our Driver did need to be retrained, so our driver and the RX7 took to the track for a 2 day SCCA drivers training event in June at Missions Rivers Edge road race track and performed well.... [More...]

Abbotsford, BC Auto Transmission Experts Abbotsford, BC Auto Transmission Experts

NEED A SERVICE?  Summer is just around the corner. Extreme heat or extreme cold can be an automatic transmissions worse enemy. Do you have a four wheel drive? Water in the front or rear differential as well as the transfer case are very common, save expensive repairs and have them checked for contamination. Differentials and transfer case service packages... [More...]

Model T Memorabilia! Model T Memorabilia!

Click the postcard below to enlarge & read – a trip down memory lane!  Read More →

Interesting Antique Automobile Photos! Interesting Antique Automobile Photos!

Imagine the transmissions in these old treasures a 1961 Hillman Husky and a Model T of unknown vintage   !  Read More →